Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician – WEMT

WEMT Upgrade

Training for medical personnel who would like to enhance their skills and experience for use in the rural, wilderness, and technical rescue setting. This course is popular with all levels of medical professionals but primarily geared toward pre-hospital EMS providers.

The WEMT curriculum builds on EMS training and expertise to meet the special challenges of remote and unconventional environments. It is designed for medical personnel working in rural EMS, search and rescue, law enforcement, disaster response, and those on wilderness expeditions. This five-day wilderness medicine course will upgrade any state EMT certification to Wilderness EMT. Students may receive 48 Advanced Level CEUs from CECBEMS. This course represents the best application of the available science, balanced by considerable clinical experience and the reality of providing medical care in difficult and dangerous places.

Course Tuition:

Course Location:
San Diego, CA

Upcoming Course:
Jun. 8th – 12th 2020