Backpacking & Trekking Expeditions

There are few things more liberating than shedding the confines of our hectic daily lives and venturing into the backcountry. Shelters, water treatment and trip planning are just some of the camp-craft skills we teach on WLI backpacking courses. With a focus on instruction and developing student goals, WLI instructors teach wilderness travel skills that will challenge and inform any student.

Backpacking Fundamentals & Camp Craft

Learn the skills to confidently travel in the wilderness. This course will fine-tune backcountry skills and introduce students to the joys of backpacking. Topics covered are equipment, water treatment, packing and hiking techniques, cooking, and more.

Advanced Camp Craft & Backcountry Travel

Avid hikers who want to experience the freedom of cross country travel need look no further. This course focuses on light weight techniques, navigation, shelters and route finding on a mixed terrain. Students learn about food planning, field gear repair, and more.

Ultra Light Backpacking

For those who feel that light weight backpacking is just not light enough, we offer this course. Whether you are planning on packing for the PCT or you just like to count every ounce, WLI instructors will show you the specialized tools and techniques to shave pounds off your back so you can put more miles on your feet.

Custom Trekking Trips

The Wilderness Leadership Institute can develop courses to meet the unique needs and goals of any student or group. We excel in facilitating customized course curriculum designed to educate, empower, and inspire our students.