Custom Rock Climbing Instruction

We provide custom rock climbing instruction to a wide variety of groups. Our world class instructors have taught thousands of people to do what they once believed was impossible. 

WLI’s rock climbing instruction curriculum has been developed to meet the unique needs and goals of any student or group. We excel in facilitating customized course curriculum designed to educate, empower, and inspire our students.

Rock Climbing for Adults

Rock climbing a great team-building activity for businesses and other professional organizations. Unfortunatly, it might not be your liability-conscious Human Resource manager’s first choice. However, when lead by one of WLI’s instructors, rock climbing is safer than the classic trust fall (and much more fun).
Rock climbing can also provides a variety of physical benefits. Climbing facilitates both cardio and strength building. It can improve flexibility, decrease stress, and improve overall mental health. It is a true full body workout.
Schedule a customized rock climbing course today to get all these benefits and more!

Rock Climbing for Kids

Activities that don’t include a screen are unlikely to appeal to most kids. However, rock climbing is an exception. Given the chance to become Spiderman, kids will gladly trade in their screen for a harness.

And that’s great news, because childhood obesity and related diseases are on the rise.

According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine,

“Available data show that rock climbing can provide youth with muscular strength and endurance building exercise, and possibly improve flexibility. In addition, rock climbing has the potential to provide youth with moderate levels of physical activity according to recommended guidelines.”

As the leader of a scouting group, a physical education teacher, or a concerned parent you can introduce the kids in your care to the benefits of rock climbing. WLI is here to help.