Guided Rock Climbing & Training

WLI guided rock climbing courses have been developed to educate and train climbers of all levels. New and experienced climbers will benefit form our comprehensive curriculum, quality climbing instruction, and professional staff. WLI also teaches American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) courses. The AMGA’s nationally recognized certifications (SPI, RG, etc.) are the definitive training for climbing instruction and guiding. With our emphasis on safety, skills development, and education, WLI delivers climbing courses that set new standards in adventure programming.

Anchor Construction Clinics

Explore the complex world of climbing anchors under the guidance of a WLI instructor. Initially, students will learn the most contemporary anchor system construction methods. Next, emphasis will be placed on building anchors that are strong, redundant, efficient, and distribute loads. We will also explore system forces, multi-directional anchors, and the load limits of equipment.

Lead Climbing Lessons

Discover the in-depth nature of lead climbing with traditional equipment, while exploring the art of placing and evaluating protection. Students will learn to efficiently follow a leader, actively manage gear, and holistically assess rock quality. WLI climbing instructors will teach about all aspects of climbing equipment, fixed gear, and the principles of anchor systems. Students will gain hands-on, practical experience with the placing of climbing protection while on lead.

Self-Rescue Workshops

Our intro course teaches the skills needed to effectively manage the problems that can occur on single-pitch terrain. Students learn how to ascend lines to assist injured climbers, haul climbers who are stuck and escape the belay if needed. We will also explore the idea of using a gravity solution to rescues, while empowering the rescuer to be an active part of the rescue system.

Our advanced rescue course is paramount for any climber wishing to be comfortable facilitating a rescue more than one pitch off the ground. Students will learn how to pass knots, build mechanical haul systems, tandem and counterbalance rappel, ascend and descend lines, and more. We focus on using equipment climbers traditionally have on recreational climbs to create rescue systems that are simple and efficient.

Private Guiding

Our AMGA certified guides are excited about facilitating your climbing goals. Whether you’re looking for a half-day of guided rock climbing or a week in the mountains, we are happy to develop a program for you.