Alpine Ice & Mixed Climbing

Being an effective mountaineer means moving well on alpine ice and old snow fields. Students will learn a variety of ice axe and crampon techniques, how to manage bergschrunds, different belay methods, and the use of ice and rock protection.

Water Ice Climbing I & II

In our intro to ice course, learn how to ice climb with the confidence of a top rope and the professional direction of a WLI instructor. This course will introduce the basic techniques needed to climb vertical water ice. Students will learn how to move on this dynamic medium with care and precision.

The focus of our advanced ice course is to learn to climb with grace and efficiency. WLI instructors will analyze all aspects of your climbing, helping you to refine techniques and learn new skills. Students will explore climbing without leashes, placing ice screws, and creating “V” threads.

Backcountry Ice Climbing

In this course, students will learn the many skills of winter camp craft and backcountry travel. Route finding, snow travel, snow shelters, cooking, clothing and sleeping systems  will be explored as students learn to thrive in a harsh and beautiful landscape.