The Wilderness Leadership Institute strives to be the foremost source for professional outdoor education and inspired leadership training.

Core Values

The core values of WLI are education, leadership, environment, challenge, and community. These over-arching themes shape and direct our program curriculum, structure, and delivery. Each core value is expressed through the following tenets:


Facilitate experiential learning
Provide holistic instruction
Promote critical thinking and decision making
Foster creativity and academic reflection


Foster environmental awareness and stewardship
Engage in minimal impact activities
Encourage appreciation of the natural world
Promote ecological advocacy and action


Create a physically and emotionally safe environment
Provide opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth
Develop outdoor skills through vision and action
Empower individuals through competency and confidence


Model healthy risk taking
Promote teamwork through outdoor exploration
Emphasize physical fitness through adventure activities
Encourage individuals to extend beyond perceived limits


Value Diversity
Promote a compassionate environment
Emphasize social responsibility
Encourage personal service