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Wilderness Leadership Institute (WLI) rock climbing courses have been developed to educate and train climbers of all levels. New and experienced climber’s alike will benefit form our comprehensive curriculum, quality climbing instruction, and professional staff. WLI also teaches American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) courses, who’s nationally recognized certifications (SPI, RG, etc.) are the definitive training for climbing instruction and guiding. With our emphasis on safety, skills development and education WLI delivers climbing courses that set new standards in adventure programming. Our California course areas vary according to season: Joshua Tree National Park (JT) l San Diego (SD) l Idyllwild (IW)

Single Pitch Instructor Course Preparation $225 (JT)

This course is designed to prepare the perspective SPI student to be competent in the skills necessary to participate in a SPI course.
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Course Dates: Mar. 3rd 2017

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course $525 (JT)

This three day comprehensive course covers anchors systems, bottom and top managed sites, institutional rappels, rescues and more. Every student will benefit from the wealth of knowledge they will get from this  program that sets standard for climbing instruction.
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Course Dates: Jan. 3rd – 5th 2018, March 24th – 26th 2018

Single Pitch Instructor Assessment Preparation $225 (JT)

This course will prepare the prospective SPI candidate to take the SPI assessment. A WLI instructor will evaluate the skills competency of the SPI candidate, give detailed instruction and review the additional topics that will be examined during the SPI assessment.
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Course Dates: Nov. 4th 2017

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Assessment $375 (JT)

This two day assessment will examine all aspects of institutional single pitch climbing that the Single Pitch Instructor may encounter. Students will focus on technical skills, instruction and overall guiding ability. Although this is an assessment, WLI instructors emphasize continued learning through constructive debrief feedback. We recommend ample skills practice and refinement prior to assessment.
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Course Dates:
 Jan. 6th – 7th 2018, March 3rd – 4th 2018

Custom & Private Climbing Courses

The Wilderness Leadership Institute can develop courses to meet the unique needs and goals of any student or group. We excel in facilitating customized course curriculums designed to educate, empower and inspire our students. Contact the WLI office for more information.

Beginning Climbing $300

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of climbing. We will explore the basics of climbing movement, knots and rope-management, as well as belay techniques and equipment. Throughout the day, discussions of grading scales, climbing terminology and history will enlighten you and deepen your understanding of the vertical world. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Intermediate Climbing $300

Learn to climb with grace and efficiency. WLI instructors will analyze all aspects of your climbing, helping you to refine techniques and learn new skills. We will explore a multitude of climbing methods and styles: cracks, slabs, roofs, stemming, liebacking and more. Climbers who want their passion for climbing to be matched by their ability will benefit from this dynamic course. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Advanced Climbing & Protection Assessment $350

Discover the in-depth nature of climbing with equipment and learn the art of placing and evaluating protection. Students will learn to efficiently follow a leader, actively manage gear and to assess rock quality. WLI climbing instructors will teach about all aspects of climbing equipment, fixed gear and the principles of anchors. Students will gain hands-on practical experience with the placing and removal of climbing protection. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Anchor Systems & Construction $350

Explore the complex world of climbing anchors under the guidance of a WLI instructor. Students will learn the most contemporary anchor system construction methods. Emphasis will be placed on building anchors that are strong, redundant, equalized, with minimal extension. We will also explore system forces, multi-directional anchors and the load limits of equipment. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Self-Rescue I (Single Pitch) $350

This course teaches the skills needed to effectively manage the problems that can occur on single pitch terrain. Students learn how to ascend lines to assist injured climbers, haul climbers who are stuck and escape the belay if needed. We will explore the idea of using a gravity solution to rescues, while empowering the rescuer to be an active part of the rescue system. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Self-Rescue II (Multi Pitch) $375

This advanced rescue course is paramount for any climber wishing to be comfortable facilitating a rescue more than one pitch off the ground. Students will lean how to pass knots, build mechanical haul systems, tandem and counterbalance rappel, ascend and descend lines, and more. We focus on using equipment climbers traditionally have on recreational climbs to create rescue systems that are simple and efficient. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Aid Climbing $375

Climbers looking to experience the thrill of a big wall need to understand the fundamental of aid climbing. WLI instructors will give a thorough introduction to aid climbing equipment. From ascenders to haul bags to portaledges, students will learn how to pack and haul a bag, clean a pitch, test placements, use hooks and more. We will discus the benefits of clean aid techniques and when to consider placing a pin. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.











The Wilderness Leadership Institute provides climbing instruction in California, climbing instruction in Southern California, climbing instruction in San Diego, CA, climbing instruction in Joshua Tree National Park, and climbing instruction in Idyllwild, CA. The Wilderness Leadership Institute can also provide a climbing guide in California, a climbing guide in Southern California, a climbing guide in San Diego, CA, a climbing guide in Joshua Tree National Park, and a climbing guide in Idyllwild, CA. For more information about Joshua Tree climbing instruction, or about hiring a Joshua Tree climbing guide, please contact us.