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Backcountry travel can be both inspiring and technically challenging. Knowing how to safely and effectively negotiate off-trail terrain is a fundamental skill for all those venturing into the outdoors. Wilderness Leadership Institute (WLI) facilitates a variety of navigation courses, ranging from introduction to map and compass to advanced GPS use. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to educated and empower any wilderness traveler.

Introduction to Map & Compass $130

Knowing where you are in the wilderness is necessary skill. Many great days have turned into bad nights do to poor navigation skills. This course will teach how to effectively use a topographic map, compass, and the surroundings to determine current location and navigate to your destination. Students will lean about triangulation, geographic features and shooting bearings. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Advanced Cross-Country Route Finding $150

When the trail ends the fun begins. Traveling over rugged terrain without trails or land marks is an advanced skill. Whether finding a water cache, navigating a crevassed glacier in a whiteout or traveling in dense brush, know the skills needed before you are faced with these challenges is important. Let a highly skilled WLI instructor build your proficiency in wilderness travel. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Beginning GPS $130

These days you can find a GPS in just about everything. However, having a cell phone and being competent in GPS navigation are not one and the same. The added benefits that a GPS device brings to a capable wilderness traveler are many. Students will learn how to set a grid, plot waypoints, track their route and travel speed and how to use this data to compliment their map and compass skills. Contact the WLI office for course information and dates.

Custom & Private Navigation Courses

The Wilderness Leadership Institute can develop courses to meet the unique needs and goals of any student or group. We excel in facilitating customized course curriculums designed to educate, empower and inspire our students. Contact the WLI office for more information.