Students may obtain several highly sought after certifications offered by WLI. These include certifications from the America Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) in rock climbing, Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) in wilderness emergency medicine, American Canoe Association (ACA) in sea kayaking and Leave No Trace (LNT) in minimum impact wilderness travel. These certifications represent the highest standard in outdoor experiential education, affording the wilderness professional and outdoor enthusiast alike the unique opportunity to attend progressive courses in multiple recreational disciplines. Students of WLI courses gain personal efficacy, content mastery and the empowering experience of an adventurous education.


AMGA certifications are the industry standard in professional climber education. ... more


WLI medical courses strive for the best practical application of experience, science, technology and medical judgment.... more


Recreational and professional kayakers alike will benefit deeply from ACA trainings and assessments.... more


Leave No Trace focuses on minimizing a person’s impact on the variety of different ecosystems found throughout the natural environment. ... more